How busy parents can find time for exercising

How busy parents can find time for exercising

How busy parents can find time for exercising

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Most parents feel either too exhausted or too harried to workout. Stacy DeBroff, author of ‘The Mom Book: 4,278 Tips for Moms,’ offers some advice

With our busy lives, you need to set aside time for exercise every week, because it never happens if left up to chance! Working out gives you more energy, helps you lose weight, improves your circulation and your mood, tones your muscles, and makes you healthier. You owe it to yourself and your family to stay as healthy as you can. Even 10-minute increments make a difference, and getting your kids and partner into the act makes it that much easier. To jumpstart your workouts, here are some insider tips to finding the time and bringing fitness off the back burner:

21 top tips to a fitness jumpstart

1. Take advantage of napping with a jog stroller. Nothing like a quick run or fast walk with a jog stroller while your baby or toddler conks out for a late morning or afternoon nap. The larger wheels of a jog stroller offer less resistance, making the stroller easier to push and putting less strain on wrists and shoulders. Plus, you get in some cardio while your child gets fresh air. Even if your child wakes up early from napping, the walk home becomes an activity in itself. Limit running or fast walking to 45 minutes to avoid shoulder strain from pushing the stroller.

5. Have family fitness fight obesity. Also with rising obesity among our children and cutbacks in physical education programs has made family-oriented fitness a priority. Walk the dog together. Pick up a family hobby that involves exercise: from hiking, to biking, to tennis, to skiing. This can then become a focus of weekend activities together to family vacation destinations.

17. Enroll in a “mommy and me” exercise classes for new moms. These classes enable you to exercise with your baby, along with introducing you to other new moms who can become workout partners as your children get older.

18. Enlist help from a trainer. You can even split training workouts with a friend. Having an hour of exercise directed by a physical trainer can really jumpstart strength and cardio training. Even a few sessions can jumpstart you into a more structured workout routine.

20. Give one exercise-related gift at birthdays and the holidays. From a new bat or bike for your child to three sessions with a trainer for your spouse, having one exercise-related gift makes a great family tradition and reinforces the importance your family places on staying fit and healthy.

21. Even little things can make a difference. Always take the stairs instead of the elevator at work. Or park at furthest end of the parking lot when going shopping. The extra walking can count as part of your workout! And remember this: if you work in just a 10-minute workout each day, by month’s end you will have exercised over 300 minutes!


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