Postnatal Fitness

Why is postnatal fitness important?

Mommy’s Fitness Time’s workout program is designed to promote weight loss and improve strength and conditioning with the added benefit of enhanced mental well-being.

As a new and busy mommy, you might not have much time to regain your pre-baby shape. MFT creates postpartum exercises to fit your busy schedule.

So, why should I sign up for postnatal fitness?

  • A healthy mommy is a healthy baby!
  • Postnatal fitness helps you rebuild your strength and get your body back in shape, the right way.
  • Your body just went through a life-changing experience. Working with a trainer ensures exercises are done properly and safely.
  • You will forge new friendships with other mommies like you.
Mummy and baby

What does academic research say?

Research by Dr. R. Robert, et al. (“Reduction in Obesity and Related Comorbid Conditions after Diet-Induced Weight Loss or Exercise-Induced Weight Loss in Men”, Annals of Internal Medicine Vol. 133 No. 2 July 18, 2000 pg. 98) found that people who experienced “exercise-induced weight loss” lost more weight than those who followed a diet alone program.

Furthermore, they found that people who only dieted saw no improvement in their cardiovascular fitness compared to those who were physically active. According to Dr. D. Larson-Meyer (“Effect of Postpartum Exercise on Mother and Their Offspring: A Review of Literature”, Obesity Research Vol. 10 No.8 Aug 2002, p.846) “…regular physical activity has a positive effect on mental health including reduced symptoms of anxiety and depression and increased general well-being” for women who are active.

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